Guideline of iCAN’15 Final

Guideline of iCAN’15 Final


Welcome to iCAN’15 final! In order to have a successful contest, we need every team follow this guideline to prepare for an exciting iCAN show!

1.     General information of iCAN’15 Final contest

Time: June 21th – 22th, 2015

            Venue: Dena'ina Convention Center, Anchorage, Alaska, USA


June 21st, 2015, 8:00--18:30, Registration, Defense, Exhibition and Ceremony

June 22nd, 2015, 8:00--17:30, Social Event (need to be confirmed)

2.  All final teams MUST prepare following materials

Material1: 1 poster (90cm*120cm) in English, refer to template 1.

Material2: 1 page description of project in English (A5 size), refer to template 2.

Material3: 1 PPT for final defense in English (about 8 minutes).

Material4: 1 Video of the project in English, no longer than 1 minutes.

Deadlines of submission:

 Materials 1 & 2 send to: by 24:00 on May 22th 2015.

 Materials 3 & 4 submit on June 21th 2015 in the registration counter.

NOTE: iCAN is a show not only for technical, also for culture & friendship. We hope the teams can take national flag, university flag or other traditional staffs to show your country.

On June 21th there will be a stage, every group could prepare 3-5mins entertainment show, like music, song, dance, et al. 

3.  Final Contest Awards will be decided by two parts

1) Defense ( from Professional judge team, 70%)

Presentation (8 minutes) + Q&A (2 minutes), English only.

    Criteria for rating: Innovativeness, advancement of the project, application and market prospect, team spirit, etc.

2) Public Voting (from attendees of Transducers’15 and public audience, 30%)

Each team will have an exhibition desks and plugboards. All teams should prepare spares, software, computer, audio, batteries, and other necessary accessories.

For more details please visit iCAN’15 website at:  &

Any questions, please feel free to contact (US organizer) or 

Looking forward to seeing you at Anchorage!


iCAN’15 Organizing Committee


Submission Materials